Here is my Newest Section with Video's! 

For the past 4 years I have been playing music for the IHSA Illinois Dance Competitions in Huntley. There are 2 events a year.... The Huntley Dance Invitational & IHSA Sectionals. I play the dance teams music for their school routines. It is a long day, lasting up to 12 hours of competing. After the competitions are over the girls wait for the results and I play songs to get them fired up for the announcement of the winners. In January of 2017 I started playing "The Wobble" and the 800+ girls had no room to dance on the gym floor, so they piled to the top of both bleachers and danced up there. I was lucky to have a coach recording this and she sent me these videos. Click on the videos below to see how all these girls came together to jam like I have never seen before.

Wedding Reception in LeClair, IA / June 11th, 2023

May 18th, 2019 @ The House of Blues - Chicago

In my 6th appearance at The House of Blues I was the warmup for The Goo Goo Dolls

The Best Man knows how to Dance and Sing!!!

Wedding Reception in LaSalle, IL 9-17-22

Introductions and Dirty Dancing 

Tyler & Lauryn were


May 19th, 2018 @ The House of Blues Chicago

I was the warm up for Darius Rucker at a private party leading up to the concert 

​And after his performance I DJ the after party till 1 am. Such a great night! Enjoy the video...

Two Video's taken by the birthday girls' Mom

​                        The kids dancing to the Cupid Shuffle                                                 Don't Stop Believin'

A selection of short videos from a wedding in Apple River, IL

On May 20th, 2023, I was back in Chicago at the World-Famous House of Blues at a private party and concert with the "Barenaked Ladies" I warmed up the guests before the group came onstage and then the afterparty rocked till 1am!!! I was not a huge fan of this group before the concert, but I am a fan now!!! What a performance.  (As you will see below) This was my 7th appearance at the House of Blues. 

Can't wait for next year!!

​Below are some video's from a wedding in October of 2017. They were taken by a videographer at this reception. Several brides have asked me about video's of my work but unless someone else is taking them, I am too busy to stop what I am doing to take them myself. So I don't really have much to show here in this section presently. I will have more in the near future as time permits. I hope you enjoy what I do have.